Hess, Targa to build $150M Gas Plant

The city that re-invests in itself for a brighter future. Watford City is North Dakota’s finest development opportunity.

Hess Midstream Partners LP announced today the formation of a 50/50 joint venture with Targa Resources Corp. to construct a new 200 million standard cubic feet per day gas processing plant called Little Missouri Four (LM4). The new gas plant will be located at Targa’s existing Little Missouri facility, south of the Missouri River in McKenzie County, North Dakota. Read More »

Watford City Is Open for Business

The city that re-invests in itself for a brighter future. Watford City is North Dakota’s finest development opportunity.

McKenzie County

The latest numbers for North Dakota show that McKenzie County, in western North Dakota, now has a solid hold as the state’s top oil producing county.

Watford City, the county seat of McKenzie County, is currently home to more drilling rigs than any other county. The center of the North Dakota Oil Boom.

McKenzie County produces nearly 500,000 more barrels of oil and double the amount of natural gas per month than Mountrail County, the next-closest ranked county in North Dakota.

Less than ten years ago, North Dakota was experiencing a net-out migration. Now, it boasts two of the nation’s fastest growing micro areas, with McKenzie County at the heart of it all. The rush of new residents to North Dakota’s oil field has caused the state’s population to grow 9.9 percent since the 2010 Census – more than any other state in the union. McKenzie County, growing 72.9% from 2010 to 2014, has bulged at the seams and remains a land ripe with development and investment opportunities.

Experts project growth in the McKenzie, Divide and Williams county area through 2039. According to Lynn Helms, the Department of Mineral Resources director, the Bakken Oil Play and Three Forks Play are now estimated to hold 10 to 14 billion barrels of recoverable oil. Continental Resources, one of the largest lease holders in the state, believes the total is closer to 32 to 36 billion barrels. All indications show a bright future for Watford City and the surrounding communities.

McKenzie County’s population will experience the most growth in the state tripling in size over the next fifteen years.

Watford City Residents take pride in improving their quality of life. The staff at Watford City Elementary School has seen its enrollment more than double in size since the beginning of the oil boom. And the growth continues. Officials project a 50% increase in enrollment from the 2014 school year by 2019, (over 2,500 k-12 students), and a 100% enrollment surge by 2024. In 2014, Watford City Elementary School Principle, Bradley Foss, reported that “the Watford City Elementary School has been basically the American melting pot. Over the course of this school year we know we’ve had all 50 states represented and 20 different countries represented within our school.” Knowing this, We stepped up to the plate and voted to fund the new Fox Hills Watford City High School. Designed to meet the needs of the expanding school system, the new high school will provide a top notch environment where students can excel, explore, and thrive.

Throngs of families who came looking for opportunity, living in their cars, trailers, hotels, and man-camps, have now settled into long-term employment and are in need of permanent housing as well as retail, industrial, and professional services. Watford City has the statistics and the open space to make any investor’s portfolio boom. Prime real estate, endless commercial opportunity, and a community waiting with open arms await.

Invest in Watford City, North Dakota and stake your claim on the last frontier.

We’re Here to Make It Happen for You

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Prime Land Ripe for Development

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